The wolf will be a protected animal in Slovakia

Today, the Minister of the Environment Ján Budaj signed a decree according to which the killing of a wolf will be a criminal offense. There are many myths about the wolf in society, let's see what the reality is.
A few facts about wolves:
✅ Since 1974, there has been no proven case in Europe for a healthy and wild wolf to kill a human.
✅ Wolves play an irreplaceable regulatory, selection and remediation role in the ecosystem. This is because, together with other larger predators such as the bear or lynx, they help maintain the balance of ungulates as well as forest mice.
✅ A remarkable fact is that in areas where the wolf lives, there is a minimal incidence of wild game plague.
✅ Despite lower safety measures, wolves in Slovakia killed only 0.5 - 0.7 % sheep from the total sheep breeding in the area of occurrence of these carnivores in the years 2001 - 2003. According to the results of 10 years of research, wild ungulates cause 17 times more damage by damaging young trees and agricultural crops like wolves.
✅ There is a saying in shot forestry and conservation circles that the only documented case of a wolf's attack on a human is the story of the Red Riding Hood. Attacks on humans are extremely sporadic, the probability is that you will be attacked by a free-grazing cow rather than a wolf in the wild.

Autumn between the rocks Foto- Fotopasca Great Fatra

"At the beginning of September, in front of the approaching rut, I placed a photo trap on a site where I expected good deer activity and deliberately chose the transition between the rocks, because I hoped that a wild cat or even a wolf could show up here. Unfortunately, in 3 months, the photo trap was passed by a wolf and a wild cat not even once. According to the found droppings and footprints in the snow, I found out at the end of November that the wolves were circling this rock on the other side and therefore they did not show up once. This is my first and certainly not my last photo trap. I hope you like it 🙂 "

Source: Youtube, Viliam Polonec